Things Are Slow

I realize 2022 wasn’t our most active but we were all really busy and were trying to keep up on other projects. Dale still intends to get Part 3 out of his fine article on desktop environments. mintCast had some timing problems with getting episodes out which impacted our ability to do Distro Madness in […]

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A look at Pine64: Pinetime

One of the more challenging choices I face as I move further into open source is what to do for hardware needs. I always start with the goal of supporting community driven companies that work together with the linux and open source community. However often this goal often encounters obstacles and I have to admit […]

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Endeavour “fixes” its GRUB issue

Endeavour “fixed” their grub problem. The issue of having lots of multiples of distros (on a multiboot system) on the grub menu is gone. So is booting other distros from Endeavour altogether. Endeavour completely controls grub, and the only way to get back to your other distros is to boot to the BIOS menu (F7 […]

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