Linux and Open Source Podcasts

Linux podcasts are a wonderful thing, and are underappreciated in my view. I started listening to Jupiter Broadcasting podcasts way back when they were independent (they are independent again, after separating from their corporate overlords), like 2015 or so. I wanted so badly to get Jupiter to start a new podcast on desktop Linux, and […]

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Distrohoppers’ Digest Rolls On

This past Friday (12/11/20), I got together with my friends Tony Hughes and Dale Miracle through the miracle of the Internet and recorded a new episode of Distrohoppers’ Digest. Tony and I started this show in April of 2018, just barely making it the first distrohopping show or segment in podcasting, and we are the […]

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Other Pages

I’m to be found in various places on the Internet, on different topics. My personal blog is to be found at Peaceful Hippo, and I also have blogs at Dreamwidth (music and creativity) and (Linux and computers). I also maintain Triad Bardic College‘s website. I’m also featured on two podcasts, mintCast and Distrohoppers’ Digest […]

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