Mageia 8 Beta 2

I was looking for a distro to try for the next episode of Distrohoppers’ Digest ( and thought I’d revisit Mageia, currently in a Beta 2 of its next version. Mandrake was my first successful installation of a Linux distro, so I like to check up on how things are going. Mageia appears to be […]

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Adventures In Boot

This is an excerpt of my presentation in mintCast 333.5. I thought I had done this already; we’re up to Episode 346 now. It does not cover ALL the bases but it should give someone a head start. This report is not meant to be a Deep Dive so much as an I Want It […]

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First Picks

Here’s where I state my own personal preferences. I’m willing to listen to discussions on why I should try something else — be nice. Don’t start with “This is why you’re wrong.” If you’re still wondering, “Who is this Moss guy?” see my blog at Linux Questions. Best Distros for Beginners It is never wrong […]

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