Review- Manjaro Mate 21.02 for Pinebook Pro

Dylan Burger (Canada) I love Pine64. I love how they are making quality hardware available for reasonable prices, I love how the community shapes their decision making and the degree to which they communicate with me as an end user. At the moment I own both a Pinephone and a Pinebook Pro and the build […]

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Review: Odyssey Blue J4105 MiniPC

Dylan Burger, Canada My transition to Linux has triggered a bit of a hardware buying spree in me over the past few months. It hasn’t been anything crazy (no matter how much I want a Thelio Mega); aside from a work laptop I actually haven’t spent more than $300 USD on any individual item. Nevertheless, […]

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“Tablets” review

With the help of one of my listeners, I found and purchased a new tablet. The tablet showed up in a box labeled DUODUOGO, and that is also the brand on the back of the tablet and on the openin g screen. (The black model I purchased is sold on Amazon as “Tablets” and the […]

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