Help Wanted

The three of us have gotten too busy to keep writing all the time. For instance, we didn’t even finish last year’s Distro Madness and it’s time for yet another. (Part of the blame for that is due to having had troubles getting mintCast published on time, with editor issues, so we didn’t have an easy way to get information on the results and closing/opening of rounds to you.) I have 3 podcasts I work on (Full Circle Weekly News, mintCast, and Distrohoppers’ Digest) in addition to substitute teaching, Dale is also on Distrohoppers’ Digest and is a long haul trucker, and Dylan is a full time university professor.

If any of you have things to say on open source or non-open-source software for Linux or other *nixes, or on hardware topics, please write to me at with your idea or article.


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