Full Circle Magazine Needs You

Full Circle Magazine is a monthly online publication which has just published its 177th issue. FCM is about anything regarding computers and open source, with an emphasis on Ubuntu Linux and other Linux distros which are based on it.

Ronnie writes:
“Excerpt from my Editorial: Probably for the first time in FCM history we only have enough for two HowTo articles. […] As stated last month: we DESPERATELY need articles. I’ve got nothing spare. So, PLEASE, spend a few moments to write SOMETHING about what you know. It can be ANYTHING as long as it has something to do with Linux; hardware/software reviews, a how-to on something, even your story of how you found Ubuntu/Linux (of any flavor). Send whatever to:”

It’s MOSS’s own Dale Miracle has the cover article in this issue. Moss Bliss does a weekly Full Circle Weekly News podcast. We support this magazine. We hope that you can too.

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