My Year In Linux / Moss

Favourite Distribution(s): Always Bodhi, but I’m getting to like ArcoLinux Mate. Gotta keep Mint around in case something needs to get done that I am having trouble with.

Favourite New Hardware (that you own): This has been a good hardware year for me. I have a new T540p laptop and a new ThinkCentre Tiny M700 desktop.

Favourite FOSS project in 2021: Ventoy

Favourite closed source project (if any): SoftMaker Office

Biggest disappointment: Bluetooth in Mint. My Bluetooth mouse seems to work better in almost any other distro.

FOSS projects that I have contributed to in 2021 (financial or otherwise): Bodhi Linux

Project/Product release that I am most looking forward to in 2022: Mint 21, Tenacity

Best News in 2021: Steam Box (still not released, but coming) I’m not a gamer, but getting more people in Linux is always a good thing.

Worst News in 2021: Audacity/MuseScore merger and multiple fauxs pas

Positive Prediction for 2022: Linux will reach 4% of desktop use.

Negative Prediction for 2022: Nobody will care.

Favourite Linux/FOSS Podcast: Distrohoppers’ Digest. But I’m prejudiced. Podcast I’m not on that I listen to the most: Late Night Linux

Favourite Linux/FOSS News Source:, Jupiter Broadcasting, DLN

Ambitious goal for 2022: Survive another year. Sell my unused computers. Find a new place to live and move there.

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