My Year in Linux/FOSS (Dale)

Favorite Distribution(s): Solus Budgie, Debian, Void Linux, Pop!_OS

Favorite New Hardware (that you own): System76 Pangolin

Favorite FOSS project in 2021: I finally got around to installing and configuring OpenRGB. It works well controlling my Corsair LED fans, Razer Cynosa V2 keyboard, and G.Skill Trident RGB memory. Though you do need to install OpenRazer to support Razer products.

Favorite closed source project (if any): I don’t have any.

FOSS projects that I have contributed to in 2021 (financial or otherwise): ProtonMail and Bitwarden.

Project/Product release that I am most looking forward to in 2022: I am following the development of System76’s Pop!_OS and the Solus project moving away from Gnome. It is not likely they will be released in 2022, but I am hoping for some Beta versions.

Best News in 2021: The Wayland project gaining some much-needed ground with Gnome and distro’s using it by default. A big surprise was NVIDIA providing support.

Worst News in 2021: Redhat ending support early for CentOS. In my opinion, It was the most botched announcement. I’ve heard in some podcasts that Redhat is now saying as they look back, that they could have done much better.

Positive Prediction for 2022: Intel will (supply chain issues withstanding) offer graphics cards to compete with NVIDIA and AMD.

Negative Prediction for 2022: NVIDIA will continue to support Linux in the least way possible.

Favorite Linux/FOSS Podcast: Linux Unplugged.

Favorite Linux/FOSS News Source: Linux Action News and Full Circle Magazine.

Ambitious goal for 2022: I am not sure about ambition but I’ve been wanting to learn more about GRUB and its UEFI support.

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