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Linux Lite
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This is a distro installation report which did not make it onto Distrohoppers’ Digest. I installed version 4.4 on this occasion.

The installer is Ubiquity: the more you use it, the easier it is to use. I had no difficulties. It was interesting to see some of the default settings being more reasonable than most, such as the screensaver turned off by default. They still need to turn off the timeout for a screen blanking and locking during installation and maybe set the default to be a little longer after installation.

They chose a lot of apps that I don’t use, in fact they use a lot more apps than I would expect on a light distro. When you have to remove half of what they install, you start to question why you pick that distro and not something that only had the apps you use. I removed LibreOffice, gimp, Thunderbird, and a few others. I added Ubuntu restricted extras, neofetch, Grub customizer, and my games such as they are, and put a lock on kmines as the current version still has a bug in saving your score. I used FreeOffice this time.

I booted back to Mint, took grub back, ran Grub Customizer, and booted back to Linux Lite to run some more tests.

I installed the printer driver for my Brother printer. Everything went smoothly but I did not get a test print. I checked the network address, ran the install again, still no test print. I booted back over to Bodhi to prove that my printer was working, which it was.

When I installed Audacity, I wound up with version 2.3.3. these days, that’s not a bad thing.

Overall, this works really well but is not anything different. The little problems might be big problems for someone, but getting back to the devs might get some of them fixed. I actually remembered earlier versions having fewer issues, but again, there is nothing earth-shattering.

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