Endeavour “fixes” its GRUB issue

Endeavour “fixed” their grub problem. The issue of having lots of multiples of distros (on a multiboot system) on the grub menu is gone. So is booting other distros from Endeavour altogether. Endeavour completely controls grub, and the only way to get back to your other distros is to boot to the BIOS menu (F7 on my System76, F12 on Dell and Lenovo…)

I solved this problem the same way I solved Manjaro boots in the past — reclaim grub to whichever distro I want and run Grub Customizer. This will show Endeavour on the Grub menu, but, just like Manjaro, you can’t boot to it. You have to go to the BIOS menu to boot Endeavour.

This is one point different from Manjaro — with Manjaro, if you allow it to control grub, you can still boot all your distros. With Endeavour, if it controls grub you can only boot Endeavour (but like Endeavour, trying to boot Manjaro from a grub controlled by a non-Arch distro leads to a black screen).

These results have been run on a System76 Kudu 3 (2016). I had the Manjaro results on this machine and 3 others from different vendors, some laptop some desktop. Your mileage may vary.


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