Distro Madness reaches its final four

Not much to say as we reach the final four of Distro Madness. Linux Mint has clearly dominated from the start thanks to some heavy involvement from Mintcast forums. However there is no longer anywhere to hide with an all Mint semi-final.

Here are my key takeaways

Voting was way up

The Elite 8 was by far the highest number of votes we have received with almost 50 responses. Thanks again to everyone who is participating. I think that it has been a fun exercise.

Solus puts up a noble fight

The community’s love of Solus has been one of the key takeaways of DistroMadness and even in defeat Solus still got plenty of love (22 votes). Yet it was not enough to get past the Linux Mint warwagon as LMDE eeked out the win with 25 votes.

Manjaro XFCE does not

Contrasting Solus’ performance was Manjaro XFCE which lost to Mint Cinnamon by 43 votes. A tough result that I think is due to the popularity of Cinnamon and a preference for Manjaro KDE by our community.

Time for some Mint on Mint crime.

There is nowhere left to hide at this point, we are down to brother vs brother, to decide which DE is the best.

Vote here

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