Distro Madness Reaches the Quarterfinals

Distro Madness- Round 3 Wrap-Up

And with that round #3 of distro madness comes to a conclusion. Thanks to everyone for their support and participation. Here is where we stand going into the “Elite 8”:

Here are my key takeaways

The Mintcast Community Continues to Show Up
After 3 rounds of voting, all 4 offerings from Linux Mint remain in the competition. Only LMDE has had a close matchup to date (narrowly defeating Ubuntu in the latest round). Clearly our audience has a preference. Going forward this competition will be more interesting if we can branch out to include other communities but for now I’m curious as to which DE will reign supreme and whether one of our other distros can knock off one of our Mint DEs before the final 4.

Manjaro continues strong showing
Manjaro also brings multiple DEs into the elite 8 with the flagships XFCE and KDE advancing. Manjaro XFCE did so at the hands of its parent distro Arch. On a personal level I have to say that I have historically been quite negative on Manjaro (issues with updates in the past) but the latest edition of Manjaro-MATE on my Pinebook Pro is starting to change my perspective. I’ll likely have a review with further thoughts on this in the coming weeks.

Solus continues Cinderella run
Amongst the final 8 distributions Solus is a bit of an outlier. MX Linux, Manjaro, and Mint are 1,2,3 on DistroWatch rankings while Solus sits 11th. It has managed to outlast Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, despite the fact that each of those had multiple entries. It is in tough facing LMDE for a slot in the final 4 but, regardless, it has been a strong performance.

Now, on to Round #4
Can anyone prevent an all Linux Mint final 4?

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