Updates 2/22/21

You probably noticed we added Dylan Burger as a writer and admin on this page. As of today, we have also added Dale Miracle as an admin, and he has some articles to contribute, so watch for those. We have other friends talking to us about submitting articles, so it could get really exciting here.

We are hereby updating the license for all articles published on this website. Everything you find here is licensed under Creative Commons/ Share Alike (CC/SA) license. If you borrow it, do not change it, always credit the author and the site you got it from (

We also have come to a verbal agreement to share articles we (or Ronnie) choose with Full Circle Magazine, whose articles are also published under a CC/SA license. So if you borrow it from us, and we borrowed it from them, you are welcome to credit them or both of us. Thanks, Ronnie!

We are still accepting contributions from anyone. We are limiting this page to hardware and software, review and instruction, mostly not including phones (but we might make an exception for some Pine64 stuff from time to time).


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