Distro Madness 2021

Round 1 Voting is closed

Welcome to DistroMadness 2021

What is Distro Madness?

DistroMadness is an effort to understand the Linux community’s distribution and desktop environment preferences that is modelled off of the NCAA college basketball tournament held in March of each year in the United States. That tournament, affectionately called “March Madness” determines the top basketball team in the country through a series of single elimination matchups.

How does it work?

For “Distro Madness” we have selected the most common distributions available and will work through a series of choices between two distributions. Votes will decide which distribution they personally prefer based on whatever criteria they choose. At the end of each round I will tabulate the votes and the distributions with the most votes will advance to the next round and so on for a total of 6 rounds before deciding on the champion distribution.


To avoid having the top basketball teams in the country facing each other early, the basketball tournament divides the teams into 4 regions (East, South, Midwest and West) and then further seeds within the regions from 1-16 based on the estimated quality of the team. Similarly, we have divided the Linux distributions into 4 groups with seeding from 1-16. This was done subjectively and is admittedly not perfect at the moment. In future years we hope to use the results from the previous year for seeding.

Enough background let’s see the bracket

Here is the 2021 bracket

How do I vote?

Just click on the link below. We will collect answers using the WordPress plug-in “Quiz and Survey Master”.

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