Distrohoppers’ Digest Rolls On

This past Friday (12/11/20), I got together with my friends Tony Hughes and Dale Miracle through the miracle of the Internet and recorded a new episode of Distrohoppers’ Digest. Tony and I started this show in April of 2018, just barely making it the first distrohopping show or segment in podcasting, and we are the only one remaining other than the frequent forays into distrohopping by Big Daddy Linux.

At the end of the episode, we made it official. Distrohoppers’ is no longer a 2-man team. Dale is now on the team, after having submitted 3 prior reviews. This was his second episode “in studio” with us. It’s great having Dale on the team, mostly because he is willing to delve into the distros Tony and I would feel unequipped to review due to their complexity; we’re both sort of Extended Release Newbies.

What will we review next? I think Tony is going to finish his review of Ubuntu Studio and Dale is looking at Garuda Linux. I’m taking a look at Mageia 8, but have not decided whether I will review that one; I’m not having a good time with it at present, compared to its PCLinuxOS and OpenMandriva cousins.

You can find Distrohoppers’ Digest at most podcatchers, or you can use the Feedburner link found on our website, .

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