Machines, raining.

My main computer got shorted out accidentally, and while I was waiting for a replacement power supply, I got donated two other machines. One is a quad-core Xeon HP Z400 Workstation, and I’ve got that working now. I needed some help with that. Another is an older HP tower, and that one will not turn on at present. And I still haven’t had time to install the new power supply on my old mini box.

I’m back to mintCast, and have a new episode out of Distrohoppers’ Digest. For the longest time we were only getting a bit over 300 downloads on DD, but we’ve now had 3 episodes over 500 and 2/3rds of our episodes are over 400. The latest episode covered SparkyLinux, GeckoLinux (OpenSUSE), Ubuntu Unity, Solus 4.1, and Linux Mint MATE. Next episode (in October) will likely cover Pop!_OS 20.04 and KaOS… stay tuned.

I’m still hoping/wishing for articles to be submitted here. No judgment (other than editorial correctness, i.e., good English). If you’ve got something to say, say it here!

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