It’s raining computers

A lot of my readers and listeners know how broke I am. I’ve never managed to talk a computer-based employer into giving me a job, despite my decades of personal experience. I’m currently unemployed, although that could break at any minute as I have three solid prospects (Sep 6 2020).

Two weeks ago, my hand slipped while attempting to plug my speakers back into my desktop box. The power supply shorted out. That was, in itself, astonishing (I was astonished, at any rate). One friend immediately sent me the money to buy a new power supply (I ordered the wrong one, but the right one is now on its way). Another friend is sending me a pretty high-end box, probaboly much hotter than anything I’ve ever owned. And yesterday, while visiting another friend, he gave me another tower. It looked old and beat-up and filthy… but when I found the specs on it, yes it was kind of old (1st or 2nd gen i7 processor) but was still hotter than anything I’d previously owned, other than my current laptop.

So I’m fixing these things up. I’ll probably use the newer tower as my personal machine, but the others will be donated to needy kids in my local school district.

It is said that when you give a poor person money, that money finds its way through all of society on its way back to the top layer of the economy. When you give a rich person money, it finds its way to his bank in the Bahamas. I’m upholding the rich and continuing traditions of being poor in America.

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